Parent Choice for North Carolina - Nora Trotman

Let Parents Choose.

Children in North Carolina should not be beholden to their zip code when it comes to education. Schools should not have the power to choose students, parents should have the power to choose schools. Nora is dedicated to promoting schooling options to all parents across the state.


Reform Marijuana Laws.

There are real consequences to our current marijuana laws. As your legislator, Nora will work within the General Assembly to craft fair cannabis laws that include safe access to medical marijuana and decriminalization. 


Spend Wisely.

When it comes to your tax money, representatives shouldn't play games. Spending thousands on social media ads, our opponent can't be trusted to budget your hard-earned money. Nora will help place funds where they're needed to benefit you. 

Reduce Red Tape in North Carolina - Nora Trotman

Cut Back Red Tape.

According to a 2015 White House report, 22% of North Carolina's workforce is licensed by state government. These occupational licenses cost time and money for hardworking people across the state. Nora will work to cut the aggressive red tape that creates a barrier to so many North Carolinians. 

Bring Back Vocational Training in North Carolina - Nora Trotman

Bring Back Vocational Training.

Improved career and technical education programs could help lower North Carolina’s public school dropout rate and help students prepare for the workforce, according to a report. College is not the only path to success. Nora will advocate for increased vocational training opportunities.


Reduce Over Criminalization.

The number of activities that can result in a criminal conviction in North Carolina is staggering. More than 2,000 crime definitions are sprinkled throughout our state statutes. We can do better. Many of these laws are obsolete and unnecessary. Nora will fight to reign in confusing laws to protect people across the state.